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About Me

My name is Nicholas, and I am 16 years of age. I am an inspired book reader. I have many favorite authors, that encourage me to keep reading. Short-stories and novels are my favorite types of literature, though I also really enjoy poems. My favorite poet, is Edgar Allan Poe. I enjoy his out-look on the world, and the slight insanity in his work. Stephen King is my favorite novelist. His books contain some of the most unique ideas I have ever come across. Most of them contain great conflict, which is very thrilling to read. For example, my favorite book by him is actually “IT”. There is an abundance in conflict, among other things in this great novel, which I recommend to anyone who is a serious Stephen King fanatic. Well, that is enough to describe be. Be sure to stay in tune with my updates to the blog, including media, movies, and book reviews.


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